What’s On My Instagram – October

I hold my hands up and will admit that I am an Instagram addict; like Pinterest I could sit looking for hours. October has been such a busy month and seems to have disappeared really quickly, so I feel like I haven’t uploaded much on there lately, but I thought I would give you a quick run down of what I did manage to share.


1.These are my most reached for items in October, which I recently shared on my blog

2. These are the giant marshmallow ‘boulders’ in our hot chocolate that we picked up in Costco. I am so excited for all the cosy nights in.

3. A round up of the desserts we have had from Kaspas Desserts … As you can see they are amazing!


4. I bought my NEW CAR! This had to be the most exciting day of the month probably even year and I love it to bits.

5. Ryan decided to lay his trousers in front of my wardrobe rather than hang them up, because he knows I find it super annoying.

6. I reached over 2000 views on my Primark Haul that I uploaded to my YouTube channel, thank you all so much!


7. I am that annoying person that uploads pictures of all my food and this was some amazing chicken wrapped in parma ham with quinoa and veg.

8. I had a major clear out at home and this is how my wardrobe ended up … as you can tell I really need to go shopping.

9. I uploaded my Autumn Winter Wishlist collaboration to my blog a few weeks ago. There are some amazing pieces out this year.

I love using Instagram for inspiration and for sharing all the fun things that I do or see. I would really like to work on making my photos more ‘Instagram worthy’ and I think it will definitely be a goal for the New Year.  If we are not friends already come find me @laurasimoneowen.

What do you think makes the perfect Instagram picture?

Love Laura


4 thoughts on “What’s On My Instagram – October

  1. throughtheglitterglass says:

    I love Instagram sooo much !! I will definitely be following you ! YAY for new cars ! I will be getting mine delivered at the end of the month ! Woo 😊😊
    Don’t forget to check my blog out!


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