Dessert Before Dinner

Am I the only person who goes out for dinner and looks at the dessert menu before picking my main meal? I mean it’s all about what’s on offer for dessert before you choose the burger or the salad.


When I heard that Kaspa’s Desserts had opened near where I live I knew that it was just for people like me. So much so that I have been twice in the past six weeks … naughty I know, but it was definitely worth it. The first time I went with my little sister who chose the hot cookie dough and then I also went with my boyfriend who chose a strawberry and butterscotch waffle. Both times I have been sold on the Nutella waffle topped with strawberries and it was heaven on a plate. Unfortunately both times I have been defeated and have had to leave some on my plate, so I think I might set myself a new personal goal to be able to eat it all. I’m sure that attainable with lots of practice.



If you love desserts as much as I do I would definitely recommend trying out Kaspa’s. They offer everything you can imagine from sundaes to hot desserts to waffles and crepes. They also have lots of milkshakes and hot drinks to choose from if you don’t fancy a dessert.

Where is your favourite place to eat dessert?

Love Laura


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