Models Own Autumn Nails


My sister and I were wandering round the shops recently and we were persuaded to pop into the Models Own pop up store.  I have never been in there before and never knew they had such good deals. They are known for their infamous nail polish and we were surrounded by every colour under the sun. We were instantly sold on the 5 items for £20 and split the deal between us. I decided to pick some new shades that I wouldn’t normally buy and I finally managed to settle on these 3 gorgeous shades that are perfect for transitioning into autumn.


Shades L to R: Brunette Red / Purple Ash / Midsummer Mauve

Two of them are from the new hyper gel range which are designed to be long lasting and glossy like a gel manicure. The third shade is from the normal collection.


I have been loving the nude/taupe shades as they go perfectly with so many outfits and look so elegant. I also cannot go into autumn/winter without the iconic deep red shade and this one is absolutely perfect.

What are your favourite autumn inspired nail polishes?

Love Laura

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2 thoughts on “Models Own Autumn Nails

  1. Ida says:

    I love these shades. I’m a bit of addicted to nail polish I think. I tried to order some polishes that smelled like candy from Models Own via Asos but they didn’t ship the brand to my contry. So boring I think since they have a lot of fun stuff./love Ida


    • laurasimoneowen says:

      Yeh me too, I cleared out all my old polishes and now I am addicted to buying new ones. Wow I didn’t even know they sold ones that smelled like candy! I need to look out for these, such a shame they wouldn’t send them to you! xx


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