Collection Gorgeous Glow Blush Block

I was recently wondering aimlessly through one of my local drugstores when I happened to find the makeup section. It was a rather small display and had what I thought was very little to offer; so I carried on walking. However, something pink and sparkly caught my eye (easily distracted I know). I found myself browsing through the Collection products. I’ll hold my hands up, this is normally a section I skip over and don’t even think twice about … What on earth have I been thinking?! It was full of beautiful products that were really reasonably priced and I had no idea how great some of their products were.


The pink and sparkly item that originally caught my eye was this beautiful pink toned blush/bronzer. It was in a promotional area as it was on sale for £2.89 and it instantly went in my basket! I wouldn’t normally associate pink tones with bronzing, however being an avid fan of the glowy and dewy look; I thought this would be perfect.


It consists of 4 shades of pink each slightly rosier than the other and a cream coloured hi-light, which can each be used individually or swirled together to give you a gorgeous healthy glow. It instantly reminded me of the iconic Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. It has great colour pay off and they are really easy to blend. Plus the powder is lightweight and not too shimmery.


This is great to wear all over your base for a radiant glow or alone to add a little rose gold flush to your facial features. Either way, I don’t think it will disappoint and for £2.89 it’s definitely a staple piece for any everyday makeup kit.


You can buy the Collection Gorgeous Glow Blush Block here

Have you tried the blush or bronzing block? What did you think?

Love Laura

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