Oh My Glow Detox – Full Review

So you may have seen my previous posts on when my beautiful detox package arrived and my 2 week detox diary if not you can find them here and here. Today’s post is going to be the final part of the Oh My Glow series.


As soon as the package arrived I was instantly impressed with the beautiful packaging. It made the whole idea of starting a new challenge so much more exciting. I got started straight away and felt great knowing that I was filling my body with all the healthy goodness. Since my 2 week challenge I have continued to use my superfood blend, as I have been so happy with the results. I have definitely noticed an increase in my energy, which has helped me to be more alert and productive. Who doesn’t love being able to tick off all those things on the to do list! This is the main reason I chose to carry on using the superfood. On top of feeling bright and bouncy, I have noticed that my skin looks healthier and my nails are stronger. Weight loss was not something I monitored during the detox so I am unable to comment on how well it can aid this, however, I can say that I found the smoothies I mixed the powder into really filling. This meant I snacked a lot less through out the morning which is always a bonus.


The Oh My Glow package also comes with a fantastic online guidance pack that advises you on how to gain the most from the detox, an eating plan with great substitutions and a simple workout plan that anyone can fit into their day. Finding healthy substitutions is so important during the detox and can make a big difference. During the 2 weeks, I really tried to focus on increasing my water intake to stay hydrated and flush all the toxins out of my body. I had a mixture of filtered water, fruit infused water and herbal teas (raspberry and apple is my favourite). The only downside I found with the detox (and this is 100% personal preference) is that I wasn’t overly fussed on mixing the powder with just water. I wasn’t able to get it to mix very well which meant it was a little powdery. That being said I much prefer mixing it into smoothies because it allows me to increase my fruit and veg intake, so it wasn’t really a big concern for me but just something to note.

Oh My Glow is packed with so many healthy things (ingredient list here) that I’m sure you know are really expensive to buy individually and this is one of the main things I love about the package. It is so easy and much more affordable to incorporate all of these great things into your daily routine with just 2 small scoops. You will be glad to know that on top of all that, it is also gluten free, vegan friendly, chemical free, has no added sugar and is manufactured here in the UK.


I have loved using the detox powder for the past few weeks and I am really impressed with the results. If you would like to try a detox or would like to introduce a superfood blend into your diet, I would definitely recommend Oh My Glow. If you need a little bit more of an incentive Oh My Glow have kindly given me a discount code for all my lovely followers.

To get 20% off, you can use discount code ‘Laura20’

Tweet me @laurasimoneowen and let me know if you have tried it and what you think.

Love Laura


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