The Post on Sunday: A Naughty Breakfast

breakfast edited 2

A few weekends ago Ryan and I woke up and decided that we would head out for breakfast. We always like to try new places that we haven’t been to before, so we decided to try a local independent cocktail and tapas bar that happens to serve food all day. Normally I try to have something healthy for breakfast such as my Oh My Glow detox smoothie (previous post here) however I decided to treat myself to something a little bit naughty.

The Loft Lounge has a fantastic atmosphere and their food is absolutely delicious, not to mention their cocktails (none of those for breakfast though). I would highly recommend the yummy hot chocolate!

Breakfast Edited

breakfast edited 3

breakfast edited 4

breakfast edited 1

Where do you like to go break breakfast when you fancy something nice?

Love Laura x

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2 thoughts on “The Post on Sunday: A Naughty Breakfast

  1. Teri-May says:

    Is this the loft lounge in broadlands, bridgend by any chance? (I’m a bridgend girl 🙋)
    I’ve been wanting to try it there for so long, everyone raves about it, but you’ve just spurred me to visit next weekend. So thanks 🙂
    Definitely try manuca next door, that’s so so lovely too!
    Teri-May xx


    • laurasimoneowen says:

      Yes it is, I absolutley love it there, definitely worth trying! I really want to try Manuca, I was only sat on the sofa last night trying to think of the name of the new place up there! Is there anywhere else you would recommend? Xx


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