Garnier Micellar Water Review

I have heard so many good things about micellar water, so I thought it was about time I tested one out for myself. I decided to pick up the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for sensitive skin (as I suffer from rosacea).

I have to say I have never found anything so easy to take makeup off with!


  1. Apply to a cotton pad
  2. Wipe your face … that’s it you’re done – no rinsing required.

I find some cleansers quite stripping on my already dry skin and was worried I may have the same issue; however this leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated.  (I haven’t had any irritation or stinging in my eyes either.)

Not only is it easy to use and gentle on the skin, it is also budget friendly.  This product normally retails at £4.99 for a 400 ml bottle (200 uses) and is available in most drug stores or large supermarkets. Being a drug store product also means there is the added advantage of it being on offer every now ad then; I managed to bag mine for £2.33 in Boots.

Due to science of the product it’s molecules collect all the dirt and makeup on your face. It is perfect for those late nights when u want to remove your makeup in 2 seconds flat before crawling into bed, as well as those days where you have time to remove your makeup before your normal cleansing routine.


There are so many options to choose from, both high end and more recently more drug store options. I have also heard some great feedback about the Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water  if you are a Simple fan. My friend suffers from eczema and had similar concerns as I did, but she has fallen in love with it. I have loved my Garnier one and would highly recommend it.

Have you tried a micellar water? What did you think?

Love Laura x

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