Aquazurra Dupes

So after trawling through an endless Instagram feed late one night, I fell across these beauties and fell in love instantly. They are the Aquazurra Christy Lace-Up Flats in black and retail at $675. I also loved the Belgravia Flat ($695).

Aquazurra Final

Find them here: /

Whilst out shopping with my sisters I fell across these in New Look and knew instantly they were the perfect dupe. They were an absolute steal at £22.99 and so I nabbed the last pair in my size.

Aquazurra Dupes  final front

Aquazurra Dupes  final

Aquazurra Dupes  final back

Find them here:

I was slightly concerned that they may be quite ridged and uncomfortable, but I knew it would be worth it. To my surprise they are one of the most comfortable pair of flats that I have ever purchased. I think they are a staple piece and can be paired with so many things. Let’s face it who can deny a black pair of flats, let alone this gorgeous pair.

Have you found any great dupes for high end products lately? Leave me a comment or send me a pic on Instagram.

Love Laura xx


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